Part of the process for working with our kids and students requires completion of our Child Protection Training. After meeting with the Next Gen Ministry Leader, complete and submit the questions below.

Directions: Select one answer from each question below. You must complete the form by filling in your name and email address. Click "SUBMIT" to complete the Child Protection Training.

1. What is the minimum number of approved workers that you need at any church function involving minors? *
2. What type of abuse should be taken seriously? *
3. If you suspect physical or sexual abuse, who needs to be notified? *
4. Which allegations of abuse will be taken seriously? *
5. Medication may be administered ONLY by a child's parent/guardian. *
6. When abuse happens in the church, it only affects those directly involved. *
7. Who does a volunteer need to notify if a child/teenager is suspected of self-harm or substance abuse?
8. When a child goes to the bathroom, a volunteer must follow them into the restroom stall?
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