How do I plug in? You pick how involved you want to be in the Power of 3. Here are a few choices:

Level 1 - Read: Use the planned schedule to read three chapters of the bible. The reading only takes 15-20 minutes a day and the schedule is planned out in a simple way to get through the bible in just over a year.

Level 2 - Study: As you read a day's reading, underline verses that speak to you. Before you close your bible for the day, reflect on the verses you underlined and pick a verse for the day. Meditate throughout the day asking God to help you better understand it.

Level 3 - Journal: Use a small notebook to write a paragraph about how your verse for the day spoke to you. You can also write down observation or prayer requests resulting from your reflection on that verse.

Level 4 - Small Group: Attend a weekly Power of 3 small group near you. These casual meetings are places where participants discuss the weekly reading, encourage each other, build relationships, and better understand God's word. The groups meet in homes throughout the Niceville/Crestview area for about an hour and a half. The meetings are guided by planned curriculum and led by trained facilitators. A group also meets Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings at the church.

Ready to plug in? 

Contact John or Jane Davis